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No matter how new or how high tech your tooling is, every piece of equipment needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and failures and to ensure optimal performance to the customer. By creating a schedule of maintenance works, GJM can ensure that the customer remains in control and that they are not taken by surprise by any serious issues lurking just below the surface and most importantly, avoid any downtime in production.
GJM will always offer a tool/fixture passport and suggest maintenance schedules in the equipment handbook, using these and details of usages, GJM will schedule a yearly maintenance calendar that works for the customer.
GJM have and are currently managing multiple PPM contracts on several sites. We have independent mobile workshops on each site and this is further supported by our 24/7 factory based in Deeside.
Our Calibration & Maintenance team are trained to the highest level both mechanically and in Metrology using the latest hardware and software.